Erik Norling: Revolutionary Fascism

"Benito Mussolini (1893 – 1945) is the living image of Fascism and one of the most well known historical figures ever, the antonomasia of a Dictator: nevertheless few are the ones aware that early in the 20th century he was the coming man of the Italian Revolutionary Socialism, headed to represent the Socialist Party, in which everyone had high hopes for the overthrowing of the so-called “bourgeois system”, when Socialism was still revolutionary and hostile to Capitalism. Lenin said of him: “in Italy, comrades, in Italy there is only a Socialist capable of guiding the people towards the revolution, Benito Mussolini”, soon after the Duce would lead a revolution, but a Fascist one… So, why did he become a Fascist after wall? Has he really betrayed Socialism as his critics accused him of doing? Or was Fascism the genial and natural outcome of a Socialist’s evolution, of a charismatic mass leader, towards the real revolution? In “Revolutionary Fascism” Erik Norling, author of “Blood in the Snow: The Russo-Finnish War” (Shelf Books, 2001), acquaints us not only with the Revolutionary and Socialist roots of primeval Fascism but also describes the Italian Social Republic period, at the end of the war, when these values reemerged in its utmost purity."

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