Havewala, Porus Homi: The Saga of the Aryan Race

The Saga of the Aryan Race is a historical epic about the origins of the Aryan people. The Saga chronicles the ancient Indo-Europeans of twenty thousand years ago, who proudly called themselves the Aryans - the Noble Ones. They were the first worshippers of Ahura Mazda, the name of God in the ancient Aryan tongue of Avestan. The first volume of the Saga describes the Great Migration of the ancient Aryans from their homeland at the North Pole following the sudden climate change that took place there. Drawing inspiration from the sacred Scriptures of the Aryan Zoroastrians, in which the great journey is authenticated; the book unfolds the trials and tribulations that befell the ancient ancestors of mankind in their great journey to the South and the South-West, towards Iran, India, Greece, Russia, Germany and the other nations of Europe. The Aryans display great heroism against the bitter cold and blizzards, the wild animals and the savage barbarians. Romance blooms among the young, as they travel onwards to Iran. The second volume, The Advent of Asho Zarathustra, presents the life of the ancient Aryan Prophet Zarathustra, eight thousand years ago. When the Earth-Soul cried out for a saviour, Zarathustra was born to redeem the ancient Aryan faith. The first two volumes of the Saga were first published in the Mumbai newspaper Jam-e-Jamshed in 1987-1988 and 1992, when they proved to be very popular. They were then published in book form in India and reprinted several times. This book is the first presentation of the Saga in the West. The remaining three volumes are to be published shortly by Arktos."


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