The Guardian Book of the Spanish Civil War

"The fourth decade of the 20th century will be remembered as a period which left an indelible scar on the Spanish people and shocked and horrified the world. The outbreak of the Civil War in Spain in July 1936, unleashed a whirlwind of destruction, persecution and terror which over the course of three years claimed half a million lives and tore the heart out of the Spanish nation. This book, the first in the series to be published in association with the Guardian, explores the development of the war using contemporary reports from what was then the Manchester Guardian. Using maps, annotation and commentary it combines the immediacy of the journalistic interpretation of the events as they happened with the historians' assessment of the effects of those events, considered with the benefit of hindsight. This unique approach succeeds in providing valuable insight into the origins and causes of the Spanish Civil War."

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Painovuosi 1987;
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