Cocteau, Jean: Past Tense – The Cocteau Diaries Volume II


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”Jean Cocteau delighted in shocking the world. In pubic, at least, the image he presented was one of great daring — a man eager to defy, willing to experiment, ready to challenge. Cocteau’s achievements in almost every artistic medium — including poetry, film, illustration, criticism, and ballet — rightfully earned him a reputation for radical versatility. He assumed Oscar Wilde’s role as ”world’s most dazzling talker” and Thomas DeQuincey’s as ”world’s most conspicuous opium addict”; he drew depictions of his bouts in the all-male brothels of Toulon; he created the actor Jean Marais and the chanteuse Edith Piaf. But among Cocteau’s many accomplishments was one composition protected by the private his diary. Recorded during the last 13 years of his life, Cocteau’s diary was kept a secret until 1983. This volume of diaries reveals the private life of Jean Cocteau–poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, artist, and writer for the ballet and opera–and his relationships with such companions as Colette, Matisse, Sartre, Picasso, Genet, and Proust. With line drawings from Cocteau’s original journal, Past Tense is a literary event — a window into Cocteau’s life and creativity as he wanted them to be remembered.”


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