Cohen, Daniel: The New Believers


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”In Houston the Perfect Master, teenaged Guru Maharaj Ji, adresses a huge multitude of his devoted followers in the Astrodome. In New York a man named Ted Patrick makes headlines when he is accused of kidnapping after ’rescuing’ a teenaged boy from the Children of God movement. In San Francisco the Church of Satan, led by Anton Szandor LaVey, attracts ever larger audiences to participate in its weird rites. All over America these and other religious cults are flourishing among the young of our nation. What do they promise? Do they deliver? Why are they so popular? And in what direction is this huge – and to some people, frightening – youth movement heading today? Now for the first time a book has interviewed the leaders and their followers and pursued a truly objective investigation, to report honestly and vividly exactly what is going on and what its meaning is for the present and the future.”


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Painovuosi 1976;

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