Costello, John: Ten Days to Destiny


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”The dramatic flight of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s infamous deputy, to England in May 1941 has been a mystery and a source of controversy for fifty years. The official version maintains that this was the solitary adventure of a madman, unrelated to the course of World War II. But in this latest of John Costello’s important and highly controversial reexaminations of modern history, ’Ten Days to Destiny’ reveals how Hess came to England at Hitler’s direction and with the connivance of the British secret services and powerful elements in British society, bearing a serious and shocking peace offer. To understand the significance of Hess’s mission, Costello takes us back to 1940, during England’s ’finest hour’ when Churchill’s toughest battles were with senior members of his own administration, who decided it was time to negotiate a peace. Among many other startling revelations, Costello uses KGB files to expose Ambassador Joseph Kennedy as the mysterious ’Doctor’ who gave Hess’s staff members British Cabinet secrets. This dramatic and scrupulously researched story finally unlocks the secrets of Hess’s mysterious mission. It is riveting reading.”


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