Cruickshank, Charles: The German Occupation of the Channel Islands


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”The official history of the German occupation of the Channel Islands, this book is based on previously untapped sources of information, including papers from Government departments, the Island’s own wartime files, as well as files left behind by the Feldkommandantur in Guernsey and Jersey. Dr. Cruickshank provides a full account of the German invasion, the subsequent landings of various British agents, raids, and of an attempt to psychological warfare to end the Occupation. He also looks at how the islanders and Wehrmacht lived, the reality of collaboration with the occupying powers, and the extent of support for the Resistance. The significance of this episode in the history of World War II, which the Germans saw as their first conquest of British soil and a springboard to further occupation of British territory, is essential reading for anyone interested in the war.”


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Painovuosi 1991;

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