Grylls, Bear: Your Life – Train for It


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”Bear Grylls is fitter, stronger and readier than ever to take on the challenges of the wild, thanks to a revolutionary new fitness program. And at the heart of Bears personal training regime are fast-paced, dynamic workouts that can be done anywhere by anyone men and women, young and old in just 30 minutes or less!Select your workout: choose from Kettlebell Resistance training, Bodyweight workouts or Primal Power stretch sessions. Try one of Bears epic Hero workouts for his ultimate challenge of all three disciplines combined …Learn the moves: select your express workout based on the time you have available be it 3 minutes or 30 and then, as Bear says, Its time to get BG fit!Train hard but eat natural: follow Bears simple and straightforward advice on fueling your body for maximum success and sustained health benefits. Train more efficiently with fast and achievable results a fitter, stronger, healthier you is just around the corner. Go on, its your life train for it!”


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