Gunn, Judith: Dostoyevsky – Dreamer & Prophet


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”With a little more time, Dostoyevsky once lamented, ’I could have produced a work of which men would still be talking in a hundred years.’ Today, the world continues to praise his magnificent novels: The Brothers Karamazov, The Idiot and Crime and Punishment. Judith Gunn explores Dostoyevsky’s rich inner life, full of fascinating contradictions that give his work tension and dynamism. A nobleman, he had neither land nor title. A political conservative, he was distrusted for his radicalism. A Christian believer, he created the evil anti-hero. An outspoken supporter of Russian nationalism, he spent much of his adult life in foreign lands. Often in love, he found loving difficult. A best-selling author, he was penniless. A deeply religious thread ran through Dostoyevsky’s life, as it does his writings. Judith Gunn examines this little considered aspect of his consciousness, from his childhood awe at the overwhelming beauty of Orthodox worship to his mature reflections on freedom and responsibility. Dostoyevsky died a full generation before his country began its attempt to rule without God. Had he lived through the twentieth century, he would have expected the atheist experiment to fail. For Dostoyevsky was more than a social reformer, more than a novelist, more than a spokesman for his beloved homeland. He was a man with a vision, a man who saw the truth of what was and the glory of what could be, a dreamer and a prophet.”


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