Halmesvirta, Anssi: The Narrow Path of Freedom


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”In this book Halmesvirta analyzes the public moralism of István Bibó, the most sophisticated political theorist in Hungary during the second half of the 20th century. In postwar times, Bibó assumed the role of a defender of democracy and moral politics in Central Eastern Europe and in this role became a minister in the short-lived revolutionary government of the 1956 uprising. In the West he became known as the theorist of the ’Third Way’ – a synthesis of the best features of capitalism and socialism. His contribution to political theory and international politics was largely unknown to wider public until the 1990s but during the change of system in Hungary (1989-1990) there broke out a ’Bibó-reneissance’ as his texts became an important point of reference in formulating the concept of democratic pluralism anew.”


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