Harris, John: The Value of Life


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”Medical ethics is a vitally important subject, and currently a highly controversial one. Recent cases have highlighted both the intellectual and the moral challenges posed by the dilemmas of modern medicine, and their significance for us all. John Harris gives a fully up-to-date survey of the issues in this crucial field of applied ethics, including in vitro fertilisation and experimentation on human embryos. He bases his argument on a particular account of the ’person’ as ’a being which is capable of valuing its own life’. Dr. Harris explores the principal ethic dilemmas that arise in contemporary medical practice and research, and by challenging our basic assumptions and most familiar ideas, shows how the most difficult problems may be approached and resolved. He presents a clear and non-technical discussion of the major issues, and argues for a radical re-appraisal of our way of thinking about these problems and of the traditional solutions to them.”


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Painovuosi 1989;

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