Lovecraft, H. P.: Collected Essays Volume 3


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”The Sciences, specifically chemistry and astronomy, were among Lovecraft’s earliest interests, and for many years his devotion to science rivalled his fascination with weird fiction or belles lettres. His earliest published work was a letter to his local newspaper on a point of astronomy, and for more than a decade he wrote monthly astronomy columns for several papers (one of them featuring his hand-drawn star charts). These columns, far from being dry recitations of astronomical phenomena, are enlivened by elucidations of the Greek myths behind the names of the constellations, discussions of important astronomical discoveries over the centuries, and snippets of Lovecraft’s own poetry. One particularly interesting set of articles are a series of satires in which he mercilessly pokes fun at a local astrologer. As a whole, this volume displays Lovecraft’s devotion to science as the ultimate arbiter of truth and as the source of his unique cosmic vision.”


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