Lowry, Malcolm: Dark as the Grave wherein my Friend is Laid


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”’A man, sly and deceptive, yet shy and ingenuous; a drunk of gargantuan proportions, yet a man who seems never to have let go an almost preternatural degree of self-awareness, even when face down on the floor of a pub or cantina; a great liar (or, more charitably, inventor of autobiographical fictions), but – in his wiriting especially – one of the most painfully honest men who ever lived.’ Thus Malcolm Lowry on Sigbjorn Wilderness, the main character of ’Dark as the Grave wherein my Friend is Laid’. For Sigbjorn is Lowry – a writer unable to write; a middle-aged Lord Jim, inept and fearful – bound on a pilgrimage to rediscover the past. A past of downfall and failure that eventually turned him into a drunkard. This is a descent into a Mexican hell for Sigbjorn / Lowry; a hell called Oaxaca, centre of his despair and inhabited by ghosts of his past. Yet in the end this voyage of self-destruction manages to give him hope for the future. A possible happy ending.”


Kunto K4 (K5=Uusi, K4=Erinomainen, K3=hyvä, K2=tyydyttävä, K1=huono);

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Painovuosi 1970;

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