MacKenzie, Donald A.: South Seas – Myths and Legends


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”The early Polynesians travelled thousands of miles across the vast, empty reaches of the Pacific in open canoes, sometimes to trade but often for the sheer thrill of adventure. And what adventures they were! In search of jade amongst the South Sea Islands the Maoris found a more extensive island home that was later to be called New Zealand. Others journeyed from Borneo to Hawaii and from the Marquesas to the dark shores of Pre-Colombian America, mapping the night sky to return home and tell the tales of these marvellous voyages. The Polynesians are perhaps the greatest mariners in early history, making the voyages of the Ancient Greeks and even those of early Venetian and Portuguese navigators seem modest. ’South Seas’ retraces the wanderings of these bold seamen and places their epic journeys within the vibrant culture of the peoples themselves.”


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