Marsden, John: The Fury of the Northmen – Saints, Shrines and Sea-Raiders in the Viking Age


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”For the modern secular historian, the raid on the holy island of Lindisfarne in A. D. 793 serves merely as the hallmark of the birth of the Viking Age. In its own world and time, though, that raid came as nothing short of a cataclysm: the Apocalypse made real on the sands of Northumbria. In the following years, those same searaiders, known to history as the Vikings or the Northmen, struck much farther down the coasts of Britain and Ireland. Their ravages ushered in one of the most turbulent periods of history the world has ever known. By exploring the frail documentary evidence left behind by those most sorely oppressed by the Northmen, Marsden brings alive the stark brutality of the Viking raids that shattered the peace of the British Isles forever. Marsden writes a vivid and terrifying recounting of the Viking onslaught from the perspective of those on whom it fell.”


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