McPhee, Nancy: The Book of Insults volume II


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”All of us, from time to time, find we’re cast as the original seven-stone weakling who’s getting sand kicked in the face by the beach bully. And we want to get our own back. You can of course send large sums of money, spend endless sweaty expensive hours in a gym or body-building club. For what? To get big new bulging muscles. And find your clothes don’t fit your big new bulging body. But there is another solution. Words. Put-downs, send-ups, back answers and frontal assaults. Get your own back, keep your end up. Riposte, parry, thrust. All done with words. Lovely, cheap, elegant, brutal words. And funny with it. Here’s how: read, chuckle, enjoy. And arm yourself. Many of the funniest and rudest wits of times past and present lie in wait for you in these pages.”


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