Middlebrook, Diane Wood: Anne Sexton


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”At the time of her suicide in October 1974, Anne Sexton, 45, occupied a central position on the American poetry scene. Today, her reputation is tangled up with that of Sylvia Plath, whom she knew, and tainted with images of monster or victim. This biography, written with the full co-operation of Sexton’s family and her principal psychiatrist who released three years of audiotaped therapy sessions, reveals and pivots around the creative relationship Anne Sexton struck with an incurable illness. Suffering from a mental disorder that eluded diagnosis, Anne Sexton underwent intensive psychotherapy and repeated bouts in mental institutions for nearly half her life. By the time she died, misery had hollowed her out, and drinking and pills had impaired her creativity. But hers had been an urgent, exciting and shocking new voice in poetry – accessible, moving, intensely honest; ”madness” and its cultural meanings were central in her art.”


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