Muchery, Georges: The Astrological Tarot


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”From the beginnings of time people have looked to the stars and planets to interpret and reveal their past, present and future. This examination of the astrological tarot shows how a study of the astral chart can be combined with divination by cards to give specific personal predictions. All of the major and minor cards are fully illustrated and their symbolic values comprehensively described. Further chapters detail the planets as they appear both in the houses and in the signs, together with tables and formulas, thus enabling interested readers to compile their own charts. Finally, two short sections cover some methods of laying out the cards and their possible interpretations. A practical guide to the use of the tarot, this fascinating book provides all the information required to define the character and destiny of the astrologer’s subject.”


Kunto K3 (K5=Uusi, K4=Erinomainen, K3=hyvä, K2=tyydyttävä, K1=huono);

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Painovuosi 1994;

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