Nowicki, Andy: Lost Violent Souls


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”What if an infamous presidential assassin lost his nerve at the crucial moment? What if a torrid affair between coworkers edged the adulterous couple closer to a terrible death? What if a desperate man and his alluring psychologist found that they shared a mysterious telepathic link? What would two men plotting a horrific act say to one another over breakfast? How might a gang of devious revolutionaries undermine a corrupt culture from within? Find out in Lost Violent Souls, a collection of intense and provocative short stories by Andy Nowicki, author of The Columbine Pilgrim and Under the Nihil. In uncompromising prose that recalls Dostoyevsky and Flannery O’Connor, Nowicki takes aim at modern nihilism, tracing different routes to spiritual sustenance—from “senseless” violence to suicide—in a world bereft of meaning. Includes “Oswald Takes Aim,” the acclaimed JFK assassination counterfactual tale, and “The Wooden Buddha,” an unsettling exploration of the psychic devastation wrought by abortion, miscarriage, and barrenness.”


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