Saki: The Best of Saki


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”The best of Saki is a collection of short stories by the famed 20th century writer Hector Hugh Munro. Saki is the pen name that Munro wrote his short stories under. Saki was a misogynist, anti-semite, and reactionary, who also did not take himself too seriously. His stories, “true enough to be interesting and not true enough to be tiresome”, were considered ideal for reading. Saki was an Edwardian writer of sharply satirical, cynical short stories set in the milieu of well to do upper class Edwardian England. Born in1870, he started writing around the turn of century and died in1916 during World War I. This is a collection of his best short stories, culled from he following collections. Reginald (1904), Reginald in Russia (1910), The Chronicles of Cloris (1911), Beasts and super-beasts (1914) and The toys of peace (1923). Despite their dated setting the short stories have lost none of their wit and sharpness.”


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Painovuosi 1994;

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