Scott, George Ryley: Curious Customs of Sex & Marriage


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”The ceremony of marriage is central to every culture, and there are more superstitions and strange rites attached to it than most other cultural institutions. Did you know for instance that a Scottish custom to luck and thwart the presence of evil spirits entailed the best man unlacing the bridegroom’s left shoe and forming a cross with a nail or knife on the right hand side of the door for the duration of the service? Then there is the practice of carrying the bride over the threshold. This originated hundreds of years ago when it was considered that contact with the earth at such a time would involve the loss of some essential virtue. And in certain parts of India, a pig with its legs tied together is brought to the marriage ceremony because its squealing wards of demons. These are just a few of the extraordinary facts gathered from around the world that make this book and endless source of fascination.”


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Painovuosi 1995;

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