Simpson, Paul et al. (toim.): The Rough Guide to Cult Movies


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”This new edition of the Rough Guide to Cult Movies offers a new improved blend of essential trivia and informed opinion as it takes you on a tour of the most compellingly weird – and weirdly compelling – films in the world. From ”A Bout de Souffle” to ”Zoltan Hound of Dracula”, this guide selects films to savour in every genre from circus movies to westerns of all flavours – spaghetti and sauerkraut. New genres have been added – gambling and vampires – and this edition includes a miscellany of movie trivia identifying, for example, the four women who have played Hamlet on screen, a peek at celluloid”s greatest back stories (such as the rumours of munchkin mayhem in The Wizard Of Oz) and a personal selection of cult movies from the likes of Johnny Depp, Julie Christie, Kevin Spacey and Bert Kwouk.”


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