Solzhenitsyn, Alexander: The Gulag Archipelago I-II & III


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”The Gulag Archipelago is a key work unparalleled in Russian or any other national literature. Solzhenitsyn has created it from his own experience of imprisonment and forced labour, and from that of numerous victims of Stalin’s terror and of Soviet prisons and labour camps. The result is a unique and startling national epic that presents the suppressed history of a vicious epoch and clearly documents the system that deformed or destroyed the lives of millions. The Gulag Archipelago chronicles the reality of political oppression and personal suffering from which Solzhenitsyn created his great novel The First Circle.”

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Kunto K3 (K5=Uusi, K4=Erinomainen, K3=hyvä, K2=tyydyttävä, K1=huono);

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Painovuosi 1974, 1978;

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