Southgate, Troy (toim.): Protector of the Sacred Flame – Essays on the Life and Thought of Julius Evola


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”Ten years after publishing a popular collection of texts on the philosophy of Julius Evola (1898-1974), one of the world’s most controversial and outspoken thinkers, Black Front Press has asked a group of writers to contribute to a brand new volume about this important member of the Traditionalist School at a time when the modern world has slipped even further into the rising waters of the Kali Yuga. With fourteen different articles focussing on various aspects of the Italian’s unique body of work, this fascinating publication is sure to become a valuable addition to the Evolian oeuvre. Chapters include Julius Evola: The Prophet of Dormant Empires; Thoughts on Evola and Nietzche; The Influence of J.J. Bachofen on Julius Evola; The Primacy of Intellect; Evola and Freedom through Struggle; The “Traditional” Anti-Americanism of Julius Evola; Evola’s Reading from the Theses of H.F.K. Günther; The Herculean Way of Tradition: Spirituality, Power and Identity in Julius Evola; A Meditation on the Sovereign; Evola and Gentile: Two Philosophers Struck by Apollo’s Thunderbolt; Evola and Idealist Notions of Life-After-Death; Evola on the Organic State and the Character of “Work”; Evola and Bataille: A Juxtaposition; and Evola: Initiation and Transcendence of the Pagan Anarch. The contributors are Troy Southgate (Editor), K.R. Bolton, Robert Steuckers, Sean Jobst, Alberto Lombardo, Georges Feltin-Tracol, João Franco, Von Sanngetall and Primo Siena. Cover art by Sean Verster.”


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