Torres, José: Sting Like a Bee – The Muhammad Ali Story


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”Climb inside the ring with a world-champion boxer for a behind-the-scenes look at Muhammad Ali Writers have long been attracted to boxing. Hemingway, Mailer, Algren, Plimpton, Oates, and many others have stepped into the ring–at least in spirit–to give voice to an otherwise wordless sport, to celebrate that “sweet science,” and to bear witness to its romance and tragedy. In Sting Like a Bee, hailed by Norman Mailer as an “impressive event,” we are brought for the first time into the ring for a close-up look at the “manly art” through the eyes of Jose Torres, a man who was a great boxer himself. When former light-heavyweight world champion Jose Torres traded in his gloves for a typewriter, boxing finally found its eyewitness. In this classic book, Torres turns his well-trained eye on one of the most celebrated and controversial athletes of all Muhammad Ali. In this penetrating view of Ali and the world of prizefighting, told by a true insider and “boxing’s Renaissance man,” Torres delivers exciting and explicit accounts of all of Ali’s major fights with the cool authenticity of one who has lived it.”


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