Trotter, William R.: Bushwhackers – The Civil War in North Carolina


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Bushwhackers recounts hundreds of incidents that brought the Civil War home to the mountains of the Old North State. Some are violent, some humorous; some are heroic, some shameful. From the opening shots of the war to the vicious acts of vengeance that continued for months and even years after the war ended, Bushwhackers relates the tragic and rarely told tale of how the Civil War was fought among the proud mountain people of North Carolina. William R. (Bill) Trotter is an essayist, book reviewer, and author of The Civil War in North Carolina and A Frozen Hell, among other books, as well as several short stories and novellas, and has twice been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award. He wrote a monthly column called ”The Desktop General” for PC Gamer magazine until 2004. He was the first recipient of the North Carolina English Teachers’ Association ”Lifetime Achievement Award.” He lives in Greensboro, NC.”


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