Vikings in Russia – Yngvar’s Saga and Eymund’s Saga


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”Historians have long been aware of the extraordinary journeys made between the ninth and eleventh centuries by Swedish and Norwegian vikings, travelling by river and portage through Russia, from the Baltic to the Caspian and Black Seas. This volume gives the first English translation of two such journeys. The first follows the travels of the charismatic Swede, Yngvar, in his quest for the source of a great river, and describes his love affair with the beautiful Queen Silkisif, who bears his illegitimate child. The second follows the career of Eymund, a Norwegian prince, who starts his journey a viking and ends up an important manipulator of political power in Russia, helping to shape the role of the heirs to the throne of King Vladimar of Kiev, the first royal Russian convert to Christianity. In their introduction Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards outline the literary and historical background to the sagas and discuss the traditions of hagiography, geography and learning in 12th and 13th century Iceland.”


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