Warner, Philip: The Battle of Loos


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”On 25th September 1915, and for a few days afterwards, the small town of Loos, between Lens and La Bassee in Northern France, became the centre of one of the most intense and bloody battles of the First World War. The casualties were appalling – about 60,000, most of whom died on the first day. Although the main objective of a large-scale breakthrough, was not achieved, some 8,000 yards of enemy trench were captured and in some places the German defences were penetrated by up to two miles. Had these initial gains been exploited the course of the war might well have been different. Philip Warner’s narrative is vividly brought to life through the words of survivors from all parts of the line: the infantry, the gunners, the officers, and including extracts from the letters and diaries of Sir John French – if courage and endurance could have won the day, Loos would have been a resounding success. Through their accounts and diaries of the time, they reveal one of the most horrific tales of war yet told as well as the heroism and determination that in the end tipped the scales to victory.”


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